Taco Bell Employees Helped Save This Texas Family. Here's How

If you've been watching the news this week, you've likely caught on that Texas has been blindsided by a record-breaking and devastating winter storm. According to CBS, at least 25 deaths have been attributed to the blizzard. The weather event has knocked out power and water supply around the state, and has covered roads with a sheet of ice.

Considering the harsh nature of the storm, we're glad to hear that one family was able to escape an icy car crash without injury and enjoy a few warm moments of safety — all thanks to the quick thinking team at Taco Bell in Hewitt, Texas.

Employees at Taco Bell's Hewitt location immediately dropped what they were doing after a truck spun off the road and into a snowy ditch on Wednesday night (via Good News Movement).

A team of Taco Bell employees dropped everything to help this stranded family

McKenzie Noriega, an occupant of the vehicle during the accident, spoke to Good News Movement about how an unlikely crew of workers came to her family's aid during the storm. While other passersby aided in securing the scene of the crash, Taco Bell employees welcomed the shivering family — complete with a group of three young kids — indoors. The workers, named Latricia, Skylyr, Jonathan, Alexis, Kyra, Tina, Amanda, Ashley, and Raul, immediately divided their attention to both feeding the family and entertaining the shaken-up children, making a scary situation a whole lot more bearable for all.

According to Noriega, the employees more than stepped up. They went above and beyond and "treated them like family," an act made even more special considering the fact that it was a time when their jobs were extra challenging. KHOU previously reported that all fast food locations in Texas were backed up with lines wrapped around the buildings. Demand for fast food from places like Taco Bell has been through the roof as families struggled to cook a meal amid the blackouts across the state.

Taco Bell retweeted the original story from Good News Movement with a short but sweet acknowledgment: a purple heart emoji, sending their love to the family in Texas, and affirming the (very) full hearts of the location's thoughtful employees.