Aldi Shoppers Are Upset About This Crunchy Peanut Butter. Here's Why

This week, a new Aldi Find hit the supermarket's shelves that was designed to appeal to the health-conscious peanut butter lover. While peanut butter is already a good source of protein, its new Simply Nature crunchy peanut butter has boosted its health benefits by adding flaxseed and whole chia, both of which are loaded with fiber (via Healthline). It is also both gluten-free and GMO free, per Aldi. The retailer is selling the peanut butter for just $2.49 per each 16 ounce jar. That's quite a steal. 

It seems like there is a lot to love about this peanut butter. It had quite a few fans on social media, where some Aldi shoppers posted their praises about the product. "I love this peanut butter," one Instagram user wrote. "I add some honey to it and it's delicious." While another shopper commented, "I like to use this in the protein balls I make!" However, not everyone feels positively about the product. 

Aldi shoppers were disappointed to see the peanut butter contains palm oil

However, there were quite a few Aldi shoppers who were unhappy to see this on the store's shelves, for one very big reason. The Simply Nature brand's crunchy peanut butter contains palm oil, an ingredient that has proven to be quite harmful to the environment. According to the World Wildlife Fund, demand for palm oil has led to massive deforestation across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, damaging the habitats of many endangered species. Palm oil production also worsens air, soil, water pollution, and leads to an increase in soil erosion and greenhouse gas emissions. So, many eco-conscious consumers prefer to avoid purchasing foods that contain palm oil.

One disappointed Aldi shopper wrote, "I want Aldi to do better with this... Why palm oil??? Nuts have enough oil that additional oil is not even needed in the first place. Please do better." Many other Aldi customers agreed with that sentiment. Another Instagram user added, "I wish they didn't add any palm oil otherwise you would've had my purchase." Shoppers who want to avoid palm oil entirely might be better off sticking with natural peanut butter brands like Teddie's all-natural peanut butter, Crazy Richard's natural peanut butter, or Wild Friends Foods peanut butter products.