The Big Mistake You Didn't See Rachael Ray Make On Drew Barrymore's Show

The real chef in Drew Barrymore's household is likely to be her daughter, Olive. You caught a glimpse of the diner-worthy eggs, sunny-side up that she made for her mother if you watched Thursday's Rachael Ray Show. "We love cooking shows," Barrymore confessed to Ray (via Instagram). On any given day, you might find the talk show host and her two young daughters watching Chopped Junior or MasterChef Junior. Olive apparently has relatively free reign in Barrymore's kitchen. "I now let her, she's going to be 9, almost," Barrymore admitted. However, she occasionally checks to make sure that Olive's turned off all the burners.

Ray is all for giving Barrymore's daughter freedom to cook, independently. And, as far as we know Olive hasn't set herself on fire, yet. That's more than Ray can say for herself. As she giggled to Barrymore, the celebrity home cook accidentally set herself on fire while on Barrymore's talk show in October 2020. If you were watching, did you catch it?

Rachael Ray caught on fire while making soup

"When I was on this show the first time, my house had burned down, and I set my self on fire, literally, on your show in my kitchen," Ray admitted to Barrymore (via Instagram). It's true. We looked up the clip. Back in October 2020, Ray was teaching Barrymore how to cook a "one pot soup," filled with beans and macaroni. (If you do decide to try the soup, make sure you add the soup's secret ingredient. Go ahead and toss a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano rind into the pot. It will make "all of your broth taste like cheese," according to Ray).

Ray manages to stay safe for most of her soup-cooking tutorial. Then, she attempts to take a final, "beauty shot" with Barrymore. In one, swift, "ta-da" movement, Ray extends her arm over her burner. For six terrifying seconds, her shirt catches on fire. Somehow, even as her shirt sleeves go up in flames, Ray never stops smiling. With a nonchalance that only Ray could manage, she moves from the stovetop to her countertop, shirt still aflame, crosses and uncrosses her arms, shirt still aflame, and waves goodbye to Barrymore, shirt still aflame. And still, she smiles. Because she's Rachael Ray.