The Trick To Making Egg Salad That Doesn't Stink

Over the years, the humble and wonderful egg has become one of those ingredients that have been noted for its immense versatility when it comes to cooking. Mental Floss reports how ancient Egyptians not only loved eating eggs but revered them as a sacred offering. The ancient Romans loved eggs as well and were said to have invented a version of the omelet (sorry, France) as well as having perceived eggs to be a good luck charm. 

You can eat eggs scrambled, use it as a binding agent when making desserts, and even eat it in a breakfast sandwich – there is literally no wrong way to eat them, though some would say we're wrong about that. But as healthy and as wonderful as eggs can be, there is an olfactory problem that egg lovers around the globe cannot ignore. Regardless of how you are looking to enjoy your eggs, this delightful ingredient typically lets nostrils know that it's in the area. Especially if you're making something like an egg salad.

Adding a little bit of vinegar will help nix that very eggy smell

Yes, if you're in the mood for some deliciously decadent egg salad, but don't want to be surrounded by that very distinctive smell, vinegar is the key to your salvation. According to Leaf, the addition of one teaspoon of white vinegar to your egg salad will help alleviate the pervasive eggy smell that comes along with making egg salad. The publication also notes that the addition of the vinegar will also give an enchanting tart flavor to the salad. But, what if you don't want your egg salad to have a vinegary taste? 

Hunker says that you can add it to the water while you are boiling your eggs. Why vinegar in the water? The site says that adding this common household ingredient will cancel out the smells that waft into the air when you are boiling eggs without altering the taste. Another thing to note when boiling your eggs is that you should be careful to not over boil them. Oregon Live notes you should not over boil your eggs because this can also contribute to the sulfuric smell that eggs sometimes give off.