Here's When Gordon Ramsay Truly Became A Master Chef

Chef Gordon Ramsay is now a role model for many fans, who turn to the master chef for inspiration and advice on preparing delectable dishes at home. As per Simple Most, the chef is believed to be one of the richest chefs in the world and is, of course, a force to reckon with. But guess what? Ramsay originally had other plans and intended to be an athlete.  He was training hard to be a professional soccer player, but found his hopes dashed when he sustained a terrible injury on the field.

After that incident, Ramsay had to reconsider his options and decided to pursue his love for cooking instead. He studied hotel management and then trained under several chefs in a bid to get better in the kitchen. Believe it or not: His success story isn't straightforward or simple. Here's what truly helped Ramsay become one of the best chefs of his generation.

Gordon Ramsay experienced a major turning point

After Gordon Ramsay finished working in France and went back to London in 1993, he managed to land a lucrative gig at Aubergine restaurant, thanks to his former mentor, Marco Pierre White, as per The Independent. As head chef, Ramsay was able to take Aubergine to new heights and it was not long before the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star. In fact, during Ramsay's time at Aubergine, the eatery managed to win two Michelin stars and make a name for itself. Wow.

Basically, Ramsay's stint at Aubergine is considered to be an extremely crucial point in his career as a professional chef and something that helped him come into his own. In fact, the chef feels so strongly about his time at the eatery that he decided to shell out money to buy the property in 2014 (via Grub Street). It took him two years and $2 million to secure the deal. Phew.