You Should Be Freezing Your Sweet Potatoes. Here's Why

Sweet potatoes are some of the healthiest food products on the planet. And they taste amazing. A win-win, right? According to Healthline, there are several nutritional benefits attached to sweet potatoes, such as controlling blood sugar levels, preventing cancer, and delivering essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, potassium, and Vitamin C. 

Plus, they're highly versatile and can be consumed in a variety of ways. In a post, a Redditor spoke about their love for sweet potatoes, highlighting how easy it is to make them. They wrote, "I love sweet potatoes. They're cheap, they're healthy and they last forever. But I always forget just how amazing they are. Tonight I was being super lazy, and needed to make dinner." They went to explain how they cooked sweet potatoes in a rush, wrapped in tin foil, and baked in an oven for an hour. An easy dinner indeed!

But wait — what if you want to make your sweet potatoes even better? Consider freezing them.

Sweet potatoes can be an incredible snack

As highlighted by an Eater piece, one of the most unusual, but delicious ways to make sweet potatoes is rather simple and involves freezing them. This tip comes from the head chef at Junzi, Lucas Sin, who has been entertaining his social media followers with unique recipes through the pandemic. What exactly does he recommend doing while making sweet potatoes?  Well, to begin with, he asks home chefs to scrub tiny potatoes and pop them into the freezer for a couple of hours before roasting them in the oven at 450 degrees. Sin says doing this turns the water inside your sweet potato into ice, which "break[s] up the cell walls within, without puncturing the skin." The chef says this creates a smoother, almost-mashed potato consistency once baked. "It's important that the skin isn't punctured. All that stuff is stuck inside of the sweet potato," Sin informed Eater

This is a tried-and-tested method that's often used in China and Sin's Instagram followers are loving it. One of them mentioned that recreating the dish was a rather nostalgic experience for them and took them straight to China. Aww! Another commentator wrote, "I thought I liked baked sweet potatoes before, but now I love them! The texture and taste of the roasted skins go so well with the sweet flesh." Tempted to try this hack yet?