Costco Shoppers Are Raving About These Bags Of Reese's Eggs

Yesterday, the Instagram account Costco Buys excitedly posted a picture of Reese's Eggs that they spotted at the wholesale club (via Instagram). In early anticipation of spring and Easter, Costco is carrying these generous 38-ounce bags of Reese's Eggs for $8.99. As usual, for Costco, it's a good deal. However, the real excitement of the Costco find was due to the fact that the eggs are "SO much better than the regular Reese's cups," according to Costco Buys. They know not why but tentatively ascribe it to a different chocolate and peanut butter ratio.

As of writing, over 2,700 people have liked the post, and a couple of users agree that, for whatever reason, the Reese's Eggs ratio is just better. One user commented, "The peanut butter is thicker and the chocolate is thinner." Another Reese's fan chimed in, "So much better than the regular cups!!!" And with 60 Reese's Eggs per bag, this package can take you well into March and April.

Such excitement aligns well with the results of a survey that Mashed released in early February. Out of 58,000 people surveyed, almost 57 percent said that Reese's Eggs were their favorite holiday candy. With Easter drawing near and such excitement already mounting, Costco is unlikely to hold onto these eggs for long. 

Reese's Eggs aren't the only option this Easter

Why do Reese's Eggs have such a big fanbase? In explaining why the peanut butter and chocolate combination should have such a stranglehold over our taste buds to Mic, Professor Gregory Ziegler of Penn State University refers to the Mailliard effect, a reaction that occurs when you cook food like nuts and bread. With a sweet and salty combo, Ziegler says chocolate and peanut butter combine to create that specifically addictive flavor.

So, Reese's already had a winning flavor with their eggs. However, they have expanded upon your favorite this year by introducing Mallow-Top Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for Easter. Shaped like a regular Reese's cup, this seasonal cup, as it says on the package, boasts a marshmallow creme top. 

The Instagram account Front Page Food Finds found a bag of these on December 12 (via Instagram). So far, responses were positive: "Not a big fan of Reese's but I'd def try that." So, maybe Reese's has found a strong complement to their already amazing Reese's Eggs.