Good News For Fans Of Watermelon Sour Patch Kids

With Easter coming up, we can expect to see all kinds of exciting new candies and treats that beg to enter our shopping carts. This year guarantees to bring some great new products to store shelves, like Dunkins' iced coffee flavored jelly beans, Oreo chocolate eggs, and Hot Tamale Cinnamon Peeps (via Delish). But if these don't strike your fancy and you consider yourself a fan of Sour Patch Kids watermelon gummies, just wait until you hear about the candy that might just change the way you snack. 

According to Best Products, Sour Patch Kids plans to release jelly beans featuring its signature watermelon flavor just in time for Easter. The candy comes in a 13-ounce bag and goes for $3, making them an excellent holiday deal. They pack all the flavor and watermelon-goodness we have come to expect from the gummies into a jelly bean, making them an exciting new way to indulge in this classic flavor. If you fall in love at first bite, make sure to stock up while you can. The candy only stays in rotation for a limited-time, and once Easter comes to a close, don't expect these jelly beans to stick around.

Sour Patch Kids is not a stranger to new products

If you love everything featuring Sour Patch Kids' watermelon flavor, you have found yourself in a great position. While we might not see these jelly beans last longer than the spring, you can take your watermelon love to the next level by enjoying the new candies while sitting in a bath with a signature Sour Patch Kids Watermelon bath bomb (via Sour Patch Kids). For now, make sure to stock up on the new candy and you won't feel let down. 

With Easter just on the horizon, the time has arrived to start swiping up festive candy arrivals, and no one with a sweet tooth could feel complete without a bag or three of this new watermelon jelly bean. Make sure to act fast — you don't want to get left out on this product that guarantees to become a fan favorite.