Trader Joe's New Banana Fruit Spread Has Shoppers Divided

Trader Joe's just released another new product that has definitely sparked a lot of conversation between fans and customers of the store. Instagrammer @traderjoesobsessed posted about the item that's an organic banana fruit spread. Which sounds like it would not only be delicious on toast, but also really healthy for you. Bananas contain vital nutrients, help with digestion, and keep our hearts healthy, according to Healthline. However, Trader Joe's fans seem to be very divided on this new product.

Social media user @traderjoeslist also posted about the product and wrote, "This is for all you banana lovers out there (not me!) I'm sure this would be great on a bagel or a piece of toast or even in a chicken dish. I for one will not be participating in this new product due to my disdain for this rude fruit. (Bananas are rude bc everything they are in they over power and they make everything smell like a banana if there is one in the house)." Customers were quick to give their opinions about the new item. 

This is what people are saying about Trader Joe's new organic banana spread

The conversation on Instagram was almost equally split on both accounts, with positive and negative things to say about the banana spread. The pro-banana side said, "MY TRADER JOES BETTER HAVE THIS." Another added, "Was introduced to banana butter in French Polynesia and it's been so hard to find in the US!! So excited for this." Others suggested how they would want to eat the spread. One said, "for overnight oats???" Another wrote, "over ice cream!!!!!" One tagged comment read, "that would be yummy on your next charcuterie board." However, those who weren't so keen on the spread were firmly against it. 

One person tagged someone and simply wrote, "too far." Someone else responded to @traderjoeslist saying, "I'm so glad to find someone who shares my disdain for bananas. Don't you dare sample this!" Another questioned the texture writing, "I'll eat almost anything but I feel like this is going to be slimy. And refrigerated cold banana slime is worse than shelf stable." Finally, one person said, "my husband feels the same way about bananas! Is this a thing? Are bananas a seriously hated food? (Like cilantro)." Wherever you fall on the banana spread spectrum, this new product is certainly getting attention.