Twitter Is Losing It Over This Fried Chicken Ice Cream

When vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream just can't cut it anymore, finding a new, exotic flavor of frozen dessert might prove far easier than you might imagine. Novelty flavors like pizza, cereal milk, and even parakeet ice cream grace ice cream parlors across the world, and people continue to buy them up (via National Geographic Kids). When you want to enjoy a new frozen treat with a familiar flavor, fried chicken ice cream just might hit the spot.

According to Foodbeast, we can now grab a "Not Fried Chicken" ice cream by Life Raft Treats, designed to look like a fried chicken drumstick. The novelty features waffle-flavored ice cream, caramelized white chocolate, a chocolate cookie bone, and a crispy fried exterior made from corn flakes. The likeness to chicken could easily make anyone second guess what they're about to bite into, but at least it sounds delicious.

While the dessert sounds fun to try, finding a sample to taste might prove tough. Thanks to a viral post on Twitter, people couldn't believe their eyes, and with enough hype, we can hope to see this treat in our local grocery freezers soon.

An ice cream novelty for chicken fans with a sweet tooth

Twitter user @_itsashleyc_ found the new ice cream and after posting a few pictures of it, the tweet went viral. The post has so far accumulated over 184,000 likes and followers can't believe their eyes. Quote tweets have flooded in, responding to the pictures of the ice cream with comments like "Science has gone too far," (via Twitter) "Imma put siraccha on it," (via Twitter) and "Its definitely dark magic," (via Twitter). We can't blame the followers either — the makers of the ice cream have outdone themself by crafting a treat that looks strikingly similar to fried chicken. To make the dessert even more uncanny, you can grab nine pieces of the ice cream in a fried chicken bucket for $99 on Goldbelly.

If you have an ice cream lover and fried chicken fan in your friend group, you might have just stumbled upon the ultimate present. Make sure to grab one soon if you can't stand to go another day without tasting what all the buzz is about. After all, flavors like this guarantee an excellent frozen dessert experience that can at least compare to parakeet or pizza ice cream.