What Hell's Kitchen Winner Holli Ugalde Is Doing Now

Hell's Kitchen has produced some incredibly talented chefs over the years. The competitive show remains wildly popular and has been a boon for many budding and ambitious chefs, such as Holli Ugalde. Remember Ugalde? She won Season 7 by evolving greatly during her time on the show and impressing the judges. The banquet chef has had a wild ride since her stint on the show ended.

For example, she was offered a position at the prestigious Savoy Grill in London after her win, but she reportedly couldn't take on the job on account of visa troubles, as the Daily Mail reported. Ugalde, however, wasn't convinced with this visa story, as she said that she never even got the chance to look at any documentation or fill out paperwork and had to accept prize money instead. The chef ended up pursuing her passion for cooking in Florida at B Ocean's as an executive chef (via Gold Derby).

Wondering what the chef is doing these days? Read on to know all the details.

Ugalde has branched out into different industries

Ugalde has been a busy woman. After working as a chef at B Ocean's, the chef switched to working as a designer and also launched the lifestyle program SENS Wellness (via Gold Derby). On her Twitter profile, Ugalde describes herself as a farmer, a chef, a philanthropist, an educator, an entrepreneur, and more. 

A quick look at her LinkedIn profile shows how far she has come since winning Hell's Kitchen in 2010. She's held down gigs as an organic farmer at Green Acres Culinary Farm, as a design manager at Beaumont Electric, and as a business owner in the lighting industry. She's also acted as a spokesperson for her alma mater, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Basically, the versatile Ugalde hasn't restricted herself to one particular industry and instead has allowed herself to explore several things at once. Sadly for her fans, she maintains a low profile and isn't very active on social media.