Here's How Much Dairy Queen Employees Really Make

Fast food sometimes can be the answer to a rough day, something that can temporarily cheer you up and make things much more bearable. Brands like Dairy Queen are the answer to some of life's problems, right? As per Thrillist, the Illinois-based chain first opened in the 1940s and has since offered a plethora of comfort food options such as burgers, their trademark soft serve cones, and the Blizzard. In case you're wondering what it's like to be a part of a company as beloved as Dairy Queen, here are some insights for you.

Per the company's website, it's important for them to maintain a diverse, multinational environment and focus on teamwork. A description reads, "Every day, across the globe, the DQ system serves up an experience that makes our customers feel at home. From warm smiles to swift service, DQ store employees makes customers come back for more." According to Owler, Dairy Queen has 6,800 locations and employs over 10,000 workers. But what is it really like to represent Dairy Queen as a full-time employee and how much do workers make? Here's your answer.

Dairy Queen pay could use some improvement

As far as former employees and staff members at Dairy Queen are concerned, working at the company is a bittersweet experience. An ex-employee wrote on Indeed, "If it was just based on the environment and employees as a whole, Dairy Queen would absolutely be the best job. Everyone that I worked with was very helpful at first and as time went on we all became very close friends." Their only complaint? The management. They wished that they had better managers who could've been more accommodating in terms of the work schedule.

As for salaries and benefits at the company, employees can expect a range of benefits. According to Indeedsome of the things that higher-level employees can look forward to are employee discounts, dental and health insurance, bonuses, retirement options, and more. As one Dairy Queen crew trainer explained on a Reddit thread, because the employee discount is only 50 percent, employees don't tend to eat there every day. Cashiers get paid around $9 an hour while store managers at the company can make around $20 per hour. Crew members, meanwhile, can expect to earn around $9.49 hourly while cooks get somewhere around $9.71. Cake Decorators, meanwhile, are at $11.55. Things could be better, according to some employees at the company. You see, 46 percent of the staff members said that they're happy with their salaries. There's definitely room for improvement.