Sprout's Farmer's Market Has Good News For Vegetarians

LikeMeat is on a mission to make "drool-worthy food that satisfies your meatiest cravings," via LikeMeat. This company wants to start a plant-based revolution by offering both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike good food that can improve sustainability, change the food industry, and help the planet, while still satisfying all their cravings. And as of March 1st, they've partnered with Sprouts Farmers Market to distribute their new Like Chick'n products to all mindful consumers who want to improve their health and the health of the planet without sacrificing taste. Sprouts will now be selling four of LikeMeat's Like Chick'n products: Like BBQ Chick'n, Like Chick'n Pieces, Like Grilled Chick'n and Like Chick'n Nuggets.

According to a statement sent to Mashed, these Like Chick'n offerings are made from only the highest-quality ingredients and contain a healthy boost of both protein and fiber. Their meatless offerings are also completely GMO, dairy, and gluten free. But not only are they good for the consumer, they're also manufactured with the environment in mind. All LikeMeat's products are packaged using 95 percent recycled materials that are better for the earth.

LikeMeat wants to help people become "eativists"

Each Like Chick'n product is carefully crafted to mimic the authentic flavor and texture of a traditional chicken dish, but they're made entirely from plants. According to LikeMeat, these new vegetarian chicken products are made from soy protein and can be found exclusively in the refrigerated section at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide.

Emily Klooster, marketing director for LikeMeat, explained in a press release sent to Mashed, "personal pleasure too often comes at the expense of the world, but it doesn't have to be that way. What if you could do good, and still eat dirty? We're inviting mindful meat lovers to become 'eativists,' and making progress through good food — one meal, one product at a time. We understand that food is personal. That's why we believe the way to turn meat eaters into flexitarians is through pleasure: not deprivation. We stand for progress, not perfection and, of course, having fun!"