The Pizza Challenge That Was Just Too Much For Man V. Food

TV show personality and the former host of Man v. Food, Adam Richman is a sensation. He's known for enthralling audiences on his action-packed show that features a series of incredible competitive eating challenges. Starring in 85 episodes of Man v. Food was no easy feat, though, and Richman was required to make sure that he prepped well in advance before taking on a plethora of challenges.

In fact, Richman often prepares by dieting for a whole day before working on a fresh challenge. He's also dedicated to working out for the sake of his health. He said, "If I do have a day off I don't eat, or eat very minimally, and I drink a lot of water and club soda to keep my stomach stretched and full and to keep myself hydrated. The most important aspect is that I work out like a beast. I work out like a beast the night before and the morning of" (via 411 Mania).

However, it's important to remember that even accomplished eaters like Adam Richman struggle sometimes. It's only human, after all. Case in point: a particular pizza challenge that was far too tough for Richman to conquer. Here's what went down.

The meat pizza that was too much for Man v. Food

In Atlanta, Georgia, Adam Richman once found himself facing a humongous pizza as he participated in the Carnivore Challenge at the restaurant Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria (via YouTube). The challenge required Richman to work with a partner as they attempted to make their way through a massive meat-topped pizza in less than an hour. The pizza weighed 11 pounds and measured 30 inches. Gulp. According to the pizzeria's website, Richman's decision to feature their challenge on his show really helped them reach out to more audiences. As they explain on their list of rules, you aren't permitted to leave the table once you've begun the challenge, and you can't throw up all that food you've consumed (via Big Pie in the Sky). 

Well, Richman tried his best to take on the challenge with his partner, a man called Drew Middlebrooks, an experienced competitive eater himself. While Richman managed to eat his share of the pizza for the most part in 30 minutes, his partner ended up puking when they were at the 44-minute mark. Richman was a sport about everything and said, "Today, against our judgment, two warriors entered the realm of combat against the beast known only as 'The Carnivore'. I left it all on the battlefield, as did my partner... he also left some behind the building."

According to Big Pie in the Sky, seven teams have gone on to defeat the Carnivore Challenge since Richman's ill-fated attempt.