Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Affordable Organic Spices

Go ahead and try to find a better price on spices, let along organic spices, than Aldi is offering right now on its Simply Nature organic ground cinnamon, cumin, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. Seriously, we double-dog dare you. A standard two-ounce-ish jar of any of these is now $1.95, according to a March 2, 2021 Instagram post by this Aldi-super-fan account, which has 199,000 followers. "I have not seen these advertised but I found them in the AldiFinds aisle today," they wrote, to the delight of nearly one thousand Aldi shoppers who are apparently loving the newly-affordable organic spices.

A quick look at Instacart's selection of spices from a variety of different retailers will confirm that you're not likely to find prices this low anywhere else. Since 2017, the Germany-based discount supermarket, Aldi, has been working hard to raise its profile in the United States, including disabusing people of the notion that Aldi's low prices reflect equally low quality. Rather, when you get right down to it, Aldi's low prices are, more than anything else, a function of Aldi's highly efficient workplace practices (here's more on the untold truth of Aldi). 

Here's what you'll love making with these affordable organic spices

While it's probably not the greatest idea to buy spices in huge, bulk containers such as the kind they sell at Costco, the jars of Simply Nature organic ground cinnamon, cumin, cayenne pepper, and turmeric are not oversized (regardless of how large they may look in the photo above). They're the same size spice bottles you're probably accustomed to buying at the supermarket. And with them, just think of all the warm and wonderful things you can whip up. 

If you buy all four spices, you can use them all to make this ridiculously easy butter chicken recipe — you'll just need some garam masala powder to finish off the flavor profile. And any combination of these could turn your plain old jasmine rice into an easy easy rice pilaf to go with your chicken. You can make yourself a nice, comforting, ayurvedically complete golden milk

If turmeric sounds a bit exotic for your tastes, just take a quick look at the best ways to cook with turmeric and you'll see what you've been missing (not to mention the amazing things that can happen to your body if you take turmeric every day).