Alton Brown Wants You To Participate In This NASA Food Challenge

If you've ever daydreamed about being an astronaut or thought about what it would be like to travel to another planet, this might interest you. According to NASA, the space agency is offering up to $500,000 for a system that keeps food healthy and sustainable for long exploration missions. The organization is calling the competition the "Deep Space Food Challenge" and it's designed to help space explorers not have to rely on just freeze-dried food. After all, who doesn't want some fresh fruits and vegetables every now and then? Especially if you're traveling for multiple years at a time. 

The unique competition is garnering a lot of interest and has even caught the attention of Good Eats host, Alton Brown. He tweeted a video about the challenge writing, "I never got to be an astronaut, but I've finally gotten to do something spacey via @NASAPrize. If you have a moment, check out the video to learn more." One fan commented on the post and asked if the Food Network star was working on an entry, to which Alton replied, "Yes, I'm tinkering with something."

Why the Deep Space Food Challenge is needed and how to enter

Currently, astronauts are able to receive some fresh veggies and fruit through the International Space Station, per UPI. However, this wouldn't be possible for lengthier trips like trying to explore Mars, which would take roughly 250 days to complete. This would make getting a resupply of needed nutrients impossible.

"NASA has knowledge and capabilities in this area, but we know that technologies and ideas exist outside of the agency," Grace Douglas, NASA's lead scientist for advanced food technology at Johnson Space Center, told the outlet. "Raising awareness will help us reach people in a variety of disciplines that may hold the key to developing these new technologies."

If you're like celebrity chef, Brown, and want to participate in this interesting competition — here's what you need to know. You need to register by May 28 and submit your revolutionary idea by July 30. Good luck space and food fans!