Here's How Much Food Paradise's Jesse Blaze Snider Is Really Worth

It's not often the son of an iconic rock singer from the '70s is the recognized voice behind one of the most celebrated food shows on the Travel Channel (via Ranker). For all you foodies that have religiously tuned into Food Paradise since its premiere in 2007, you might be familiar with just who we're talking about here. In case you don't, we'll give you a clue: He's the son of famous Twisted Sister rock band frontman Dee Snider. If you've given up and can't piece it together (or have been living under a rock) it's none other than musician, comic book writer, and TV and radio host, Jesse Blaze Snider (via TVOvermind). 

But aside from being the eldest of Dee Snider's children and venturing into various enterprises, Snider has proven just how essential he is to the Food Paradise production — a show that is now on its 14th season, according to Travel Channel. But with so many business ventures under his belt, how much is Snider's total net worth?

Jesse Blaze Snider is worth a surprising amount

Joining the Food Paradise crew in 2014 (via IMDb) after replacing actor Mason Pettit, Snider's voice quickly became linked to the show's quirky and vibrant presence. Aside from Food Paradise, Snider has also been host to Travel Channel's Haunted Live and has been the voice behind Pizza Hut, GameStop, Cheetos, and KIA Motors. Not to mention, Snider has also secured notable roles in the Final Fantasy and Call of Duty video game franchises.

Like his father, he has also got a knack for music and his work has been featured in ESPN Monday Night Football, FoxSports, Ford, NASCAR, and Smithsonian Channel among others. As if that's not enough, Snider is also a published comic book writer, with work featured in Marvel and DC Comics (via The Max Steiner Agency). With a long list of remarkable accomplishments, it's no wonder why Snider's net worth rounds out at a cool $250,000 (via Net Worth Post).