The Best And Worst Beer Subscription Boxes

Beer box subscriptions can be great, but they can also be awful if you don't shop around. Though some are reasonably priced, other subscriptions have sky-high monthly fees that don't always include shipping (via Men's Journal). It's also worth noting that the beer could very well be stale or older than what you could buy at your local store. Men's Journal explains that there are some subscriptions that just buy the leftover cases of beer from wholesalers which means you could end up with bad beer.

When you consider the cost per bottle in a six-pack that you'd buy locally, the subscription fees seem pretty steep. The average cost of most fees tends to be between $30 and $40, which would make the cost for 12 bottles each month around $2.50 to $3.33 per bottle (via That's already a pretty steep per bottle cost and it doesn't always include shipping either. However, some clubs have a much higher monthly fee.

Belgi-Beer is one of those brands, which also makes it one of the worst. They only focus on Belgian beers and it is $90 per month making it well suited only for an avid fan of Belgian beers (via Thrillist). The good news is that it includes international shipping and official glassware from the breweries. However, others could simply find great Belgian beers online or from their local shop for far less.

These are the beer boxes worth subscribing to

For those who are simply looking to expand their palate and knowledge of craft beer, there are several popular subscriptions worth considering. According to Thrillist, the list includes Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club and Craft Beer Club. According to, Beer Across America is another great option.

According to its website, Beer of the Month Club will expose beer imbibers to brews they might not otherwise come across. This includes microbrewed beer from two different craft breweries in four different styles. Subscription boxes start at $29.95, making this a very affordable pick.

The Original Craft Beer Club is another options that made both and Thrillist's lists. It's rather standard when it comes to what each subscription box includes such as 12 bottles, tasting notes, and a newsletter. However, it is different in that there are options to get great domestic brews on different time frames. Those who drink less often can opt-out of monthly and choose to receive boxes "every other month" or quarterly, per Thrillist. However often you get a box, its website states it's $44.75 per month that you get one.

Finally, Beer Across America gives subscribers 12 bottles per month that are curated by experts from independent craft breweries. It starts at $42.95 per month with free shipping, according to its site, and customers will get swag along with their newsletter and tasting notes. The best part of all might be that there isn't a commitment so you can cancel anytime if you find it isn't for you, reports.