This Viral Breakfast 'Turducken' Is The Ultimate Brunch Dish

If you have never tasted a turducken, you don't know what you're missing out on. This ultimate roast emerged as a Thanksgiving classic, consisting of a chicken stuffed inside a duck, which then gets stuffed inside a turkey and gets cooked for five hours (via The Spruce Eats). While this dish can divide food lovers and most of us might not get a chance to try this novelty due to the long cook time, we can still love the spirit of the recipe — stuffing our favorite foods inside each other to concoct the ultimate culinary creation.

Food enthusiasts have taken the idea of the turducken to new heights over on social media. Twitter user @simonefiii recently posted a video of a person making the ultimate brunch "turducken" — a waffle cooked inside a pancake, which then gets turned into French toast. The video shows a person making a waffle in a waffle iron, then pouring pancake batter in a hot pan. The person then places the waffle on top of the cooking pancake, and cooks it until it sticks together. They then take the whole breakfast item to a dipping station, where they dip it in French toast batter and cook it in a skillet until it finishes. The video has garnered a ton of deserved attention, thanks to the novelty.

The ultimate brunch dish that could break the internet

Once the video appeared online, the tweet went viral and commenters lost it. Replies like "This is so chaotic and yet....I'm intrigued," and "Wafflecake toast just rolls off the tongue for me," have rolled in, with a variety of other users suggesting edits to the recipe to make an even better brunch creation. While some enterprising home cooks have tried marrying the flavors of French toast and waffles in the past, this recipe takes breakfast classics to new heights with the turducken methodology, all while keeping our mouths watering (via Tastes of Lizzy T). 

With a bit of practice, this video recipe appears easy enough for most brunch fans to pull off at home. With some seriously intense flavors and breakfast skills on display, you wouldn't want to miss out on this ultimate "morning turducken" that guarantees to keep people talking.