This Verdi Sparkling Green Apple Drink At Aldi Is Turning Heads

Aldi is known for some of its surprisingly good wine options, but there's a new kind of sparkling wine hitting the store's shelves and it's grabbing everyone's attention. On Wednesday, March 3rd, Aldi fan account on Instagram, @aldi.mademedoit, posted a photo of Green Apple Sparkletini by Verdi. Within a day, the post had over 900 likes. The caption read, "Oh yes @verdispumante is my jam!!! I love all their flavors and am so excited to try green apple! Have you tried any of their flavors and which?!" But first, you should know a little bit more about Verdi's drinks.

Verdi makes sparkling wines and has an entire line of its Sparkletini, which appears to be a take on flavored martinis, but with a lower alcohol percentage (via Verdi Spumante). Each bottle of the malt beverage has just five percent alcohol. Plus, there are tons of other flavors to try too like raspberry, strawberry, peach, and their newest flavor, watermelon. All of them sound great for those who enjoy drinking something slightly alcoholic and bubbly with a sweet hint.

This is what shoppers think of the Green Apple Sparkletini

Aldi shoppers and fans who responded quickly to the post seemed to already be fans of Verdi's Sparkletini drinks. Others were already having trouble finding it. One comment said, "I can't find this or the famous pineapple wine at my location in Altadena." Another read, "these are amazing and always sold out of my local Kroger! Curious what state did you find this in?" But if you need some encouragement to really seek these out, one person wrote, "oh my god, [tag] this is totally worth the hunt. I've had every other flavor!" So don't give up yet.

Other comments were really excited about trying another flavor. One person wrote, "I need this!! I'll be induced on 3/22 i could use something sweet and fizzy in my life!" Someone else said, "Omg! I didn't know aldi carried this! I love the raspberry." Another comment read, "raspberry and peach...I wish our aldi had alcohol bc this sounds delicious! Idk why but soaking fruit in this green apple flavor sounds perfect for summer!" But the comment that provided some delicious-sounding serving advice: "The raspberry flavor with a scoop of raspberry sherbet." The apple would probably be great over vanilla ice cream.

So keep an eye out for the bottle and pick it up if you see it.