Is There Actually Any Difference Between Left Twix And Right Twix?

If you haven't already heard the theory that there's a difference between the left Twix and the right Twix in each package, please allow us to introduce you to the world of candy conspiracies.

Apparently, the theory that the left and right Twix cookie bars taste different has been making its way into Reddit threads for a few years now, leaving some Reddit users (and curious onlookers) baffled –– and even a little argumentative. "They're completely identical," one user says, while another asserts, "The left Twix starts as a cookie, then it's covered in caramel and dipped in chocolate. The right Twix starts as chocolate and someone carefully pushes the cookie inside, using caramel to prevent the cookie from crumbling."

To make matters more confusing, Twix's brand, Mars Chocolate, released Left Twix and Right Twix packages in 2017. The packages supposedly only consisted of, well, left Twix cookies in one and right Twix cookies in the other. When the new Left and Right Twix packages were released, Mars Chocolate announced via PR Newswire they want to help everyone who's having a difficult time choosing between the two. "Custodians can grab a new Left Twix pack, but janitors will want to grab a Right Twix. Singers — Left Twix; vocalists — Right Twix. Bouncers should go for Left Twix, but doormen, clearly, Right Twix."

Well, which one is it?

So, was it an advertising campaign, or are the left and right cookie bars really two different tastes? Officially, Mars Chocolate has never confirmed or denied that there's a difference between the two –– besides the fact that "'Right Twix Bars are packaged in the same location as that other Twix at The Twix Union Packaging Company. They package Right Twix between the hours 12 p.m. and 11 p.m., the other one is packaged between 12 a.m. and 11 a.m." (via CSP Daily News).

That said, we don't know about you, but we're still scratching our heads, so we decided to dig a little deeper. According to Recipe Marker, "The distinction [between the two] can be found on the label, as the right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel, and the left side is enrobed in chocolate with drizzled caramel."

Whatever you believe, at least we can all decide on one thing: The chocolate-y caramel goodness that you get in every bite of a Twix cookie bar is pretty unmatchable — and worth all the buzz.