How Much Raising Cane's Employees Really Make

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of chicken fingers, then it's highly likely that you've stopped by Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers a time or two and were left raving about their offerings. And while there are plenty of other chicken joints that also serve the same dish, the chain — which, according to its official site, was founded by Louisiana-native Todd Graves in 1996 — sets itself aside because their limited menu enables them to be able to deliver "exceptionally high quality product served quickly and conveniently."

As a result of putting the quality of their product first, Business Insider noted in 2018 that the business had nabbed the top spot for the nation's "fastest-growing restaurant chain" on Nation's Restaurant News's 2017 list. And, according to the company's profile on Forbes, it was nabbed a spot on the outlet's lists for "America's Best Employers" (2021), "American's Best Employers By State" (2020), and "Best Employers for Diversity" (2019). But does being a good employer equate to delivering good pay to employees? Quite possibly.

If your love for chicken fingers has caused you to consider taking on a job at Raising Cane's, just know that no matter what your position is, Forbes notes that you'll have the title of cashier and fry cook, too. This is because — as Todd Graves explains — the chain is "supporting those frontline cooks and cashiers who are supporting our customers." That doesn't mean, however, that everyone's pay is exactly the same.

How much money you might get your chicken fingers on

For those working as crew members, Indeed lists hourly wages as having an average of around $9.90, while those who work as kitchen team members will make slightly less at $9.74 an hour. If you'd prefer to work in customer service though, you can make around $10.60 an hour for your talents. Those in managerial roles will make a significant amount more with a regular manager bringing home an average of roughly $35,000 per year. Shift managers, on the other hand, make slightly less, with close to $34,890 being their average salary. The real money comes when you're able to hold the title of operations manager, which earns in the ballpark of $94,000, or regional director (upwards of $125,000). It's worth noting that these are estimates based on reported salaries, so the precise figures listed may fluctuate.

And what about those who actually work as cashiers and fry cooks? Indeed reveals that one can expect to be bringing in around $10.70  an hour and $9.80, respectively. Ultimately though, these amounts are all dependent upon where you live, your work experience, the requirements of the role, and more. But, if you get to have chicken tenders every day, it might be worth submitting an application.