Employees Reveal What It's Really Like To Work For goPuff

Delivery service GoPuff has managed to make waves in the market for its unique selling point: The company promises to send across a range of products such as food and beverages, home essentials, medication, and more in a short period without any hassles. As the store's website states, "We deliver all of your daily needs right to your door. We store 2,500+ products in your area's goPuff facility, so when you order, your stuff comes directly from us to you."

As per the brand, one of its primary goals is to deliver essential items as quickly as possible through its team of "thinkers, dreamers & risk takers." The company is particularly keen on hiring ambitious individuals who are able to identify with the company's core vision. But what is it like to be a part of a brand as unique as GoPuff? Here's what you need to know about working at the company.

Things can improve at goPuff

As per employee reviews on Indeed, the company has a lot of scope to do better. It has a rating of just 2.9 on the website. 

A former goPuff delivery driver was satisfied with their role at the organization, writing, "If you are willing to hustle, this company is cool. It puts some strain in your car. If you treat it like a business, it could work out for you. It's cool." However, for an ex-operations warehouse associate, things weren't pleasant in the least. They wrote that the work environment at goPuff was overwhelming and managers weren't supportive, making it a rather unpleasant experience for them. They stated, "The amount of work put on us is not worth the hourly pay. I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone!"

Things are slightly better on Glassdoor. One warehouse worker wrote that they're satisfied with their role within the company and think the work environment is positive. Another employee who worked in a goPuff warehouse said that they're content with the pay and only wished for the benefits to be more varied.

All in all, it's a mixed bag. A goPuff employee wrote on Reddit about some of the factors worth considering, such as how new a warehouse is. They explained that if the warehouse isn't as well-known, orders won't be overwhelming for a while until things pick up. They added, "Each warehouse may have different responsibilities for their associates, so what happens here might not be there [sic] same as what goes on there."