These Rip Van Stroopwafels At Costco Are A Total Steal

Wafel company Rip Van has a mission "to improve peopleʼs lives by inventing better convenient foods," and challenging themselves "to constantly change and find the next, better way to make the best snacks," as per their website. One of the ways they're improving snacks is by expanding their offerings to include healthy, low-sugar wafels that still taste great.

Rip Van's Dutch Caramel and Vanilla mini stroopwafels have just two grams of sugar, seventy calories, and four grams of prebiotic fiber per serving. All of their products are made with organic, free-range ingredients and contain no GMOs, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup, per Rip Van. The best news is, Rip Van Dutch Caramel and Vanilla mini stroopwafels can now be purchased at Costco for a total steal at just $9.99 per one bag of 64 mini wafels (via Instagram). According to @costcodeals, this product is available at warehouses in the Northeast U.S., Los Angeles, and Hawaii, as well as on Instacart.

These mini stroopwafels were a hit on social media

Costco shoppers were psyched to see this deal arrive. As one Instagram user raved, "I picked up one bag of these yesterday and will be going back for more. They're the BEST." Another user agreed. "These are SOOOO GOOD! just got a bag and regret not getting more," they gushed.

This healthy, low-carb, low-sugar mini treat is the perfect way to satisfy sweet cravings without blowing your diet. "These are seven carbs and are my go to for that once in a while treat. Delicious," a third user wrote, and yet another agreed. "I need these as my most recent craving have been sugar cones (with or without the ice cream)." 

However, those on a diet should be aware that these mini wafels taste so good, they can be addictive all on their own. As another Costco shopper warned, "these are impossible to ONLY eat one or two." So whether you're trying to cut back on sugar, are looking for something to satisfy your dessert cravings, or just want to try something new and tasty, Rip Van Stroopwafels just might hit the sweet spot.