Costco's Chicken Street Taco Kit Has Shoppers Divided

Costco is one of those brand names that you can count on without batting an eyelash if you're looking for products that are both accessible and high-quality. As per Eat This, Not That!, the store is reliable when it comes to purchasing a variety of products — from food and beverages to electronic products and clothes. Also, here's an interesting fact: Costco sells a dizzying $300,000 worth of cashews every week. Whoa. That's no small amount for sure.

Wondering about some of the products that you shouldn't miss out on when you're at Costco? Well, as per Parade, you should definitely keep an eye out for everyday pantry essentials at the store such as olive oil, cereal, oatmeal, berries, frozen food, and microwave popcorn. Yum. 

While it's undeniable that Costco does a good job overall meeting its customers' demands, some products don't do as well at the store. Consider Costco's chicken street taco kit, for example. Read on for more details.

Does this taco kit cost too much?

According to an Instagram post from a Costco aficionado, the Costco chicken street taco kit works particularly well on days when you don't want to devote too much to meal prepping and want a quick and easy fix. As per PopSugar, the kit is priced at somewhere between $15 and $16 and includes corn tortillas, cheese, lettuce, cilantro lime crema, lime wedges, and salsa. Some Costco fans are really happy with the product and shared on Instagram that it's both delicious and reliable for a last-minute meal.

However, some shoppers are unhappy with the price and think it's an unreasonable rate. "Usually love everything Costco but I think this kit is overpriced," one user wrote. "Should be more like $9.99 or $12 at the most." Another commentator expressed their dissatisfaction and wrote that they're not pleased with the cost either. "Someone said she and her husband get 2 meals each," they explained. "That's not realistic at all." What's your take?