This Polaroid Pen Lets You Draw With Candy

Polaroid's new Candy Play 3D Pen proves the future is finally here. This new invention allows you to create freehand 3D creations, like something out of a sci-fi novel, but with a twist. Instead of 3D printing with PLA plastic, like most 3D printers, the new pen uses candy cartridges to print sweet, edible 3D creations. The pen melts down the candy into a malleable material that you can draw with, just like you would with a regular pen. The candy material hardens when it cools, so you can continue to build up your models to fashion some pretty complex 3D creations. And if you're unhappy with the outcome, you can always get rid of your mistakes by eating them.

To create, plug the pen in and allow the candy material to warm up. Then, simply press the button down to exude the edible medium and draw whatever comes to mind. According to Gizmodo, there is also a free-flow option, which you can select if you don't feel like holding down a button the entire time you are drawing. To help get the beginner artist started, Polaroid even has free traceable templates available for download, via Polaroid.

The Polariod Candy Play 3D Pen is available for $50 at Menkind

Right now, the futuristic Polaroid Candy Play 3D Pen is available exclusively at Menkind. According to FoodBeast, it will cost you a pretty penny — $50 a pop, which is pretty pricey as far as pens go, but each purchase comes with six different colors and flavors of candy cartridges, plus four free strawberry candy cartridges. In addition to strawberry, the other available flavors are orange, apple, grape, lemon, and cola. The candy is also both vegan-friendly and sugar-free.

The pen isn't simply a one-and-done purchase. The edible refills can add up quickly, at $28 for 40 candy cartridges, or $32 for a multi-flavor pack of 48, per Gizmodo. However, it is possible that cheaper third-party cartridges will become available over time.

So if you have someone in your life with both a penchant for the arts and a sweet tooth, then this just might be the perfectly unique gift to surprise them with. They probably won't have anything like it — and if you're lucky, they might let you taste one of their candy creations.