McDonald's Canada Keeps Trolling Tim Hortons For Its New Eggs

Back in February, Tim Hortons had just begun to offer freshly cracked eggs on their breakfast sandwiches. It was a move that McDonald's Canada was quick to criticize, pointing out they that had been doing so since 1976. Now McDonald's has followed up with a tweeted question: "Which came first... the Breakfast Sandwich or the Freshly Cracked Egg?" This, they immediately answered with, "Lol jk glad we solved that dilemma back in 1976."

A couple of responses expressed confusion as to what the answer was. Simply, McDonald's is continuing its trolling of Tim Hortons by pointing out that they both served their first breakfast sandwich and used freshly cracked eggs at the same time, while Tim Hortons has only managed to switch to McDonald's egg style in 2021. Tim Hortons has yet to respond, but considering that McDonald's Canada's troll has only garnered less than moderate attention, there seems little reason for them to hit back when McDonald's will just recycle the same talking points. Narcity supposes that Tim Hortons is too focused on their Roll Up the Rim Campaign anyway. 

McDonald's is kicking Tim Hortons when it's down

Tim Hortons has not had an easy time since switching from their egg patty to cooking freshly cracked eggs. In the beginning of February, a press release circulated saying that Tim Hortons would now use these freshly cracked eggs. "Guests loved the change and they couldn't wait for today's official launch," Chef Tallis Voakes, Tim Hortons's new Culinary Lead, raved. And a few did seem to like it. Inside Timmies, a Tim Hortons blog, had reviewed the new sandwich positively, giving it an averaged score of 93 out of 100. Doug Ford, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario, went on what blogTO described as a weird segue during a press briefing to praise the new Tim Hortons sandwich.

However, these glimmers of positive reactions only brought more negativity against the freshly cracked eggs to the fore. In the comments section for Inside Timmies, people either complained about the sandwich's new texture or asked why would they choose to get a McDonald's product from Tim Hortons instead of McDonald's. Similarly, the blogTO article noted that there was a petition demanding Tim Hortons to restore their egg sandwiches (via

Really, then, McDonald's trolling Tim Hortons is nothing compared to the actual complaints the brand has summoned.