How Much 7-Eleven Employees Really Make

Convenience stores like 7-Eleven get their name for a reason. There's usually one close by, no matter where you are, providing a quick and convenient way to get a greasy snack or a potentially addictive fountain soda that's bigger than your face. 7-Eleven is also known for its low, low prices that attract fast-paced and budget-conscious consumers.

Cheap prices are certainly good for the consumer, but that can also mean the company is cutting corners in other places. In a related situation, Wal-Mart's CEO once claimed that he had to pay his workers low wages in order to maintain the store's affordable price tags (via Forbes). So, in a world where a huge soda costs less than a dollar, how much do 7-Eleven employees actually earn?

Understandably, how much you make at 7-Eleven depends on your particular role within a store. When it comes to the exact amounts, however, wages there can vary considerably. 

Convenience store wages aren't very convenient for employees

According to the job site Indeed, average wages for 7-Eleven workers are $10 to $11 an hour for a cashier or a sales associate, $13 an hour for an assistant manager, and about $15 an hour for a store manager. Over 13,000 employees answered Indeed's poll about whether they're paid fairly at 7-Eleven. The results are rather grim, with only 38% of participants feeling as though the convenience store chain has offered them a fair wage.

Many of the reviews for 7-Eleven on Indeed that mentioned benefits focused on the lack of thereof, mentioning the fact that workers often receive no insurance or have to deal with high insurance premiums, no employee discount, and unpaid maternity leave. A Reddit post confirms the lack of even a small employee discount on food, noting that workers instead get free drinks like coffee and Slurpees. Other reviewers, however, praised the company for what they said were its quality benefits.

This discrepancy is likely due to the differences between 7-Eleven's corporate offices and its franchises. The 7-Eleven website mentions a "high deductible health plan" and optional vision coverage for full-time workers, as well as dental insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) retirement plan. The website also notes that workers at a "franchised or licensed" store will have to contact their store directly to learn about benefits offered, which pretty strongly implies they may not be the same benefits available to corporate workers.