This Starbucks Secret Menu Drink Tastes Just Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Starbucks is the home of many delicious, handcrafted drinks, and as drinks like its Unicorn Frappuccino and pistachio latte show, the company is no strangers to getting inventive with its recipes. However, no matter how many creative drinks it releases, there will always be people who want to push the envelope even further. That's why die-hard fans know there is a whole host of innovative drinks they can order off of the Starbucks secret menu.

Created by devoted Starbucks fans, the unofficial menu — which can be found on the Starbucks Secret Menu website — includes tasty concoctions that are crafted by combining the different ingredients Starbucks already uses into entirely new drink recipes, or by adjusting a pre-existing menu item to create a drink with an entirely new flavor. As long as the store you're frequenting has the ingredients, most Starbucks baristas will be happy to make you a secret drink — simply show them the recipe, and soon you'll be on your way with a delicious off-the-menu item.

Starbucks' Cinnamon Toast Crunch drink is made with white chocolate and cinnamon

One such exciting new discovery on the Starbucks secret menu is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch drink, which people swear tastes exactly like the beloved cereal. So if you haven't had breakfast (or if your coffee is your breakfast) you can always combine the two along with some sweet childhood nostalgia in this sugary Starbucks drink.

According to Totally the Bomb, you can get the Cinnamon Toast Crunch drink by ordering a Venti White Chocolate Mocha, either hot or iced, depending on your preference. Then, ask the barista to add in two pumps of White Chocolate Mocha syrup and three pumps of Cinnamon Dolce syrup. Once all the syrup is mixed together, simply top the drink with whipped cream, a dusting of cinnamon, and a sprinkle of Sugar in the Raw.

The end result is a drink that tastes exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, complete with sugar crystals and real cinnamon. So the next time you are in line at Starbucks, wondering what to order, don't forget to pull out the secret menu and give this sweet cinnamon drink a try.