Oreo Has Good News For Basketball Fans

Oreo has a long history with organized sports. According to Wired, the cookie company has always made waves when they promote Oreos at the Super Bowl, and they've partnered with the NHL to imprint the Stanley Cup onto the tops of the snack (via Strategy). After dominating the ad space around football and hockey, it only makes sense to take the cookie courtside.

According to a statement sent to Mashed, Oreo plans to roll out exciting new basketball-themed designs thanks to a collaboration between the NBA and Mondelēz International, the snack company who owns Oreo. Through the partnership, we can expect to find limited-edition NBA Dynasty Oreo Cookies at grocery stores soon. These cookies feature the original chocolate and creme filling recipe we love, but thanks to the partnership, the top of each cookie comes with an imprint of a logo from an NBA Dynasty Legend team. If you count yourself as a fan of the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs, you can support your team and grab a pack of cookies sporting your team's logo.

The perfect cookie for basketball fans

In addition to the new Oreo design, Mondelēz International has exciting news for snack fans who want to get some more basketball in their lives. According to the statement, the company also plans to launch a "Taste Greatness" sweepstakes where fans can enter to win the grand prize trip to NBA All-Star 2022. While the sweepstakes begins later in March, there's no word yet on when we can pick up the cookies. Knowing the promotion kicks off this month, we can hope to score a pack of these new Oreos very soon. 

If you can't wait to show off how much you love your favorite NBA Dynasty Legend team, you just have to hold on a bit longer. With any luck, we can start picking up the cookies in the next few weeks and can bring snacks into the greatest sports rivalry the NBA has seen. Keep your eyes peeled, as these cookies only run for a limited-time, and you don't want to miss out on this exciting new way to celebrate your NBA Legend picks.