The Pioneer Woman's Husband And Nephew Involved In Scary Accident

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, got a call today as firefighters were battling a grass blaze on the Drummond Ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma. Her husband Ladd and her nephew Caleb were involved in a collision with a fire truck. The accident was thought to be triggered by high winds while they were driving on grass and gravel, which likely made for slippery going (via News on 6). As a result, "Ladd Drummond was driving one truck and not injured. Caleb Drummond was driving the other and ejected. OHP says he's in critical condition," tweeted local news anchor Jonathan Cooper. In reporting the accident, the local Fox News station says the 21-year-old Caleb was ejected 70 feet from the truck he was in, while Ladd refused onsite medical treatment.

The Drummonds' ranch has been affected by fires which are burning across parts of northeast Oklahoma and have burned through thousands of acres of land thus far. They began on Monday, and as of Wednesday afternoon, were said to be 75 percent contained (via Fox 23 News). 

Ree Drummond has spoken of nephew Caleb before

Ree Drummond describes Caleb at length in a 2014 blog post describing the "cast of characters" on her show. Caleb is the son of The Pioneer Woman's brother-in-law Tim who "likes anything mechanical, doesn't eat cheese unless it's melted" and his wife Missy who "loves horses. Lots of fun and game for anything." Of Caleb, Ree says, "His father's clone in every way. Used to take my keys off the pew in church and snicker as I looked under the cushion, on the floor, and inside the hymnal for them. And actually, he still does this. Calls me 'ma'am.' He's a good kid" (via The Pioneer Woman).

We can only imagine that Caleb is close to the heart of his aunt Ree, because she devoted a whole blog post to his high school graduation in 2018. She wrote, "Caleb, my nephew, graduated Friday night! It was surreal; there's no way he's old enough to graduate from high school. As in No. Possible. Way," (via The Pioneer Woman).

On Instagram, Caleb Drummond has shared a number of photos showing him working at Drummond Ranch. We wish Caleb a speedy recovery.