The Majority Of People Agree This Is The Best Way To Cook A Steak

If you've ever barbecued in your yard during the summer, you know how delicious a freshly made, well-prepared steak can be. But you also likely know just how temperamental it can be too. Think about it, have you ever gone to a steakhouse and ordered your cut prepared a certain way only to have to send it back because it was undercooked or so badly overcooked that you couldn't even chew through it? Event steakhouses don't always get it right. 

And when preparing steaks, there are so many different cuts and so many different cooking methods to choose from that it can be hard to navigate. So we turn to the public. My Chicago Steak outlined five of the most popular methods to preparing steak, including grilling, sous vide, sear roasting, pan-frying, and broiling, but which method is the best one to bring you the savory, juicy and delicious steak to which you've grown accustomed?

Grilling took the cake as the best way to cook a steak

Mashed conducted a survey of 504 people across the U.S. and with a little over 65% of the vote, grilling smashed the competition as the best option. Far behind in second place, with 24.4% was using a cast iron pan. In third and fourth were baking your steak (with 4.37% of the vote) and sous vide with 3.17%. The last category, "Other," only gained 2.78% of voter interest and featured write-in comments suggesting that the best methods include microwaving and broiling your steak.

While it certainly all comes down to personal preference, there are a slew of great reasons to go grill or go home, according to World of Pans. Grilling helps the nutritional value of your steak because, in addition to the need for minimal amounts of oil compared to other methods, it also doesn't diminish the steak's nutritional value as it cooks because it keeps all the juices and most of the fat inside. It also lets you play with the flavors a bit. Want something smoky? Go with wood for the fire. Chargrilled? Go coal. There are so many options. And the best part, you can opt to cook it indoors or outdoors, so there's literally no restriction in terms of space.

If I don't grill it, is it wrong?

Of course, there are many other ways to prepare steak and they all have their own individual benefits. Roasting, for example, as noted on Healthline, can help keep anything cooked with that method lose less vitamin C, and methods like pan frying or stir-fry also brings great flavor, while being "less likely than many other methods to cause the cholesterol in fatty meats to become oxidized."

But while these methods are all effective for making sure that meat is edible, only one can reign supreme. At the end of the day, as long as you have a nice juicy steak to indulge in, there really isn't any harm in experimenting with them all. It's the only one way to find out if you truly agree with the rest of the U.S. on this one. Time to grab some steaks, start some fires, and get cooking. Don't forget the fries!