Auntie Anne's Is Giving Away Free Pretzel Nuggets During March Madness. Here's How To Win Some

Think about it: a serving of delicious pretzels and a chance to watch the most exciting basketball tournament of the year, what more do you need in life? Popular pretzel purveyor Auntie Anne's knows this and acknowledges the importance of freshly baked pretzels for special occasions. According to PR Newswirethe brand is doing everything it can to make March Madness a lot more exciting and interesting this year. What's up for grabs, you ask?

Well, to begin with, a glorious sweepstakes that can be won by as many 5,000 fans. Whoa. Here's what's in this package: a bucket of Auntie Anne's pretzel snacks and a special basketball-themed bucket equipped with a backboard. You can also choose to indulge in a shoot-and-score mobile game, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, for a bit of entertainment and a chance to win instant rewards. That does sound amazing, yeah?

Wondering how you can get access to some of these marvelous prizes? Well, keep on reading for the full lowdown on Auntie Anne's March Madness sweepstakes. You won't be disappointed.

How to enter to win pretzel nuggets during March Madness

As explained by PR Newswire, all you need to do for a chance to win your bucket of pretzels is to make sure that you're a Pretzel Perks member. Download the app and ensure that your Pretzel Perks account is active. How does this work? Well, every basket that's scored throughout March Madness will be rewarded, and Auntie Anne's will gift a bucket of Pretzel Nuggets or alternatively, a serving of Mini Pretzel Dogs, to a Pretzel Perks account holder. All Perks members will be automatically entered. This means that plenty of baskets will be handed out to lucky winners throughout this season — up to 5,000 buckets. Yay!

Also, you can test your basketball skills by playing the Basketball Buckets Challenge game to win some delicious rewards. From March 11 through April 8, you need to get your hands on Auntie Anne's Basketball buckets in-store or online, and play the Basketball Buckets Challenge Mobile Game once you sign up sign up at (via Auntie Anne's). You'll need to scan the Basketball Bucket backboard to start playing. Game prizes include a small Coca-Cola fountain soda, a Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel, and no delivery fees on your next order through DoorDash. How cool is that?