Shamrock Shake Vs Oreo Irish Mint Shake: Which Is Better?

The Shamrock Shake has truly earned its place in our collective hearts. According to McDonald's, this neon green milkshake made its debut back in 1967, when a McDonald's restaurant owner developed the minty beverage in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Sales from the Shamrock Shake even helped fund the very first Ronald McDonald House in 1974, making it a time-tested drink that has done a ton of good. These limited edition drinks feature a blend of soft serve vanilla ice cream, minty Shamrock Shake Syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry, making them an excellent treat for anyone who wants a sweet pick-me-up (via Fox).

This St. Patrick's Day favorite has inspired a ton of competition among fast food chains, with many restaurants looking to take down this seminal treat. Burger King's Oreo Irish Mint Shake stands among the front runners to challenge the Shamrock Shake, and the stakes couldn't be higher. According to Delish, Burger King's take on this holiday favorite features a minty-vanilla shake base with extra Oreo cookies mixed in for an out of this world texture. When compared side by side, one of these drinks rises above the other.

The ultimate St. Patrick's Day shake showdown

When compared side by side, each shake seems formidable. According to Insider, Burger King's Oreo Irish Mint Shake comes in at a higher price tag than the Shamrock Shake, and while McDonald's beverage has a smooth creamy texture, BK's shake has an icier texture. The whipped topping on the Shamrock Shake tastes rich, while the Oreo Irish Mint Shake has a blander topping, not to mention an overly chocolate flavor thanks to the Oreos that covers up the mint flavor. All things considered, McDonald's Shamrock Shake pulls ahead and beats out Burger King's take on the drink, making the Shamrock Shake the superior drink.

While the word's still out if Burger King plans to bring this drink back this year, make no mistake that the Shamrock Shake still deserves your attention if you had to decide between restaurants (via Burger King). Grab this minty shake from your local McDonald's while you can. Once we get through St. Patrick's Day, we have to wait a whole year for the return, so make sure to celebrate with this drink today!