Guy Fieri Just Compared Himself To Zac Efron. Here's Why

In case you don't follow Guy Fieri's Twitter feed as closely as we do, know this. The Mayor of Flavortown just compared himself to Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron. Think it's a stretch? Check out the side-by-side Fieri posted in which both sport magnificently bleached hair. 

You know Fieri's bleached locks to be more or less a permanent part of his personality. It wasn't a look that he spent long nights agonizing over. Fieri, it turns out, acquired his signature hairdo after telling his hairdresser to "just do whatever you want" (via People). Unlike Fieri, Zac Efron has already gone back to brown. (The actor's latest Instagram post shows off very un-bleached looking hair.) 

Like Fieri, his venture into platinum blonde territory was something of an accident. In 2019, he told ET that he'd "lost a bet with a friend. It's kind of a double dare sort of thing." In Fieri's mind at least, their temporarily matching hair makes him a "Zac Efron type." And that's important, not because he's a Baywatch or High School Musical fan. It's important because according to MCU Direct, Marvel is currently on the lookout for a "Zac Efron type" actor to fill the shoes of Guardians of the Galaxy's Adam Warlock.

Guy Fieri wants to be a superhero

Guy Fieri, tired of being the Mayor of Flavortown, seems to be looking for greener, more magical pastures. In a follow-up tweet, the celebrity chef posted his "resume," for Marvel's consideration: photoshopped headshots of Fieri impersonating all the heroes he apparently aspires to be.

Anyways, we've done the math. It's unlikely Flavortown will be losing its head of state anytime soon. For one, Guardians of the Galaxy film director James Gunn denies casting is underway. Also, as he pointed out on Twitter, "If I wanted a Zac Efron type wouldn't I go to Zac Efron? Where do you get this nonsense." Good point, Gunn. For two, Fieri's also tried to pitch Disney+ with The Guydalorian, via Twitter before, to no avail. 

Besides, even if the Twitter casting call were to be taken seriously, Fieri would already be up against Seth Rogen and Freddie Prinze Jr., who jokingly claimed on Twitter to have "underwent surgery to look more Efron'esque." Tough competition.

Finally, Fieri, if you're reading this, you're clearly after the wrong superhero. If you're seriously considering superheroism, might we suggest Thor? In Valhalla, they know how to feast in style. Case closed.