Reed's Is Giving Away Free Ginger Ale. Here's How To Get Some

When folks are in the mood for something that is sparkly and refreshing, ginger ale is a typical drink that comes to mind. According to Healthline, regularly drinking ginger ale that contains real ginger can provide benefits like reducing nausea, assisting with reducing overall inflammation in the body, and is said to even support healthy heart function. Not only does ginger ale have some beneficial uses for the body, Instructables cites that it can also be used for preserving hair dye, your Christmas tree, removing nail polish stains, and even tenderizing meat. 

But one issue that many popular ginger ale brands currently have out on the market is that they sometimes lack sufficient amounts of actual ginger in them (via MarketWatch). Thankfully, ginger ale lovers everywhere can count on companies like Reed's to provide them with a refreshing and ginger-packed beverage that will hit all the right notes. Because Reed's wants to always provide customers with the best of the best, they are doing a little something special for National Ginger Ale Day, on March 13th.

Reed's will be giving away 2,000 cans of free ginger ale

In a statement sent to Mashed, the ginger ale company revealed that they will be celebrating National Ginger Ale Day by giving away a whopping 2,000 cans of its REAL Ginger Ale beverages — all of which are packed with at least 2,000 milligrams of freshly pressed organic ginger. What do you need to do to get your free ginger ale? The company shares that all customers and those looking to try their ginger ale need to do is visit the company website to redeem it on March 13th (via Reed's). The press release states that the ginger ale cans of either the Original or Zero Sugar Original ginger ale will be shipped to customer's homes free of charge. 

According to Lindsay Martin, VP Marketing of Reed's Inc, the company believes that "tasting is believing" and Reed's wanted to provide customers with this special experience since they cannot try their products in-store. In addition to the free ginger ale, Reed's is also hosting another giveaway where customers can try to win a Reed's-branded Moke vehicle packed with REAL Ginger Ale. Folks can join in on the fun by visiting the official sweepstakes page.