This Is The Best Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Milk For Lattes, According To Fans

Oat milk is, essentially, a non-dairy drinker's dream — it's creamy, thick, sweet, packs in protein, and it's just about as close as you can get to cream in your coffee without the stomach ache (via Good Housekeeping). That's why it's flying onto the shelves, and right back off of them. Trader Joe's cashed in on the craze with the introduction of its own non-dairy Oat Beverage, which is really just a fancy term for oat milk, in 2019. The new product (available in both refrigerated and shelf-stable versions) launched just in time — in the years since, refrigerated oat milk sales surged 350.8 percent, toppling to over $192 million (via Food Navigator).

Fans of Trader Joe's have been quick to point out the best use for this new oat milk: a barista-worthy DIY latte. If you've ever tried to froth almond milk, you probably know the struggle — no matter what kind of fancy frother you use, as one Redditor pointed out, it's hard to get a good latte with all of the bubbles that a thin non-dairy milk produces.

Trader Joe's oat beverage makes the perfect frothy coffee

While some Redditors seek assistance frothing almond milk from the online coffee community, others are quick to point out that there's a better option at the grocery store. One poster shared their morning coffee and wrote that "The new Trader Joe's Oat Milk froths like a dream," (via Reddit).

Other TJ's fans online agree — popular Instagram account @TraderJoesList even compared the oat beverage to other options at the store in what she coined the #FROTHOFF2021. In an Instagram video, the blogger tested a few non-dairy options from Trader Joe's but ultimately confirmed that the refrigerated oat beverage takes the cake when it comes to coffee. She awarded it a solid 8/10 thanks to its thick consistency and "strong froth."

Even with a top-of-the-line Nespresso frother, the Trader Joe's almond milk failed terribly in comparison. So if you're looking to make your own dairy-free latte at home — or your own sweet cold foam — run to Trader Joe's, but skip the almond milk and grab the oat instead. This is one trend to get behind.

There's a difference between Trader Joe's refrigerated and shelf-stable oat milk

There's just one catch — not all Trader Joe's oat beverages are created equal. According to @TraderJoesList, "the refrigerated oat tastes much better and froths better" than its shelf-stable counterpart. More Trader Joe's fans on all corners of the internet agree, too. While the ingredient list for the shelf-stable version is much shorter — just hydrolyzed oats and water — the overall taste and consistency are quick to show it. The refrigerated version also contains xanthan gum, which makes it much thicker and worthy of a creamy morning coffee (via Daily Waffle).

Blogger CityGirlCharm pointed out the same inconsistency between the two Trader Joe's oat milks in her own review as well. While she found the perishable version to be frothy, flavorful, and almost too sweet, the shelf-stable box was watery from the first sip and only foamed up a bit in comparison.

At the end of the day, coffee is all about personal preference. But for all the latte lovers out there, the answer on this one seems pretty clear: It's time for another TJ's trip.