The Truth About Duff Goldman's Marriage

Respected chef and baker Duff Goldman has been a culinary sensation for years. According to Cheatsheet, the chef is popular enough for fans to be curious about his family life. Well, Goldman has a wife named Johnna, and they have a rather adorable story. 

The couple got into a steady relationship in 2016 after meeting through Tinder. Goldman decided to propose to his girlfriend in the most adorable manner possible: as per Closer Weekly, it was a sudden decision because the chef was hit with the epiphany when he was showering. "I was in the shower, I was shaving my head and it felt like a punch to my heart," he recalled. He didn't have a ring, so he used butcher's twine instead.

In 2019, Goldman and Johnna decided to tie the not in a very unconventional way. For example, they decided to demonstrate their love for animals by having a petting zoo at the ceremony. Crazy, right? They even had a T-rex section, where they exchanged their wedding vows. Goldman made sure that he didn't let his baking talent go to waste. There were several cakes at the party, and some reportedly had an underwater theme. There was even a – brace yourself – meat cake that incorporated meatballs, lamb, meatloaf, roses made from bacon, and more. Goldman said, "We wanted fun food that people actually really want to eat."

The couple welcomed their first child this year

In August 2020, Duff Goldman and his wife delighted their fans by announcing on Instagram that they were pregnant with their first baby. The pair's announcement was rather sweet and beautiful. In a photo, they each posed with a regular-sized muffin in one hand while their other hands held a mini muffin together in front of Johnna's belly. Johnna posted the caption, "Our biggest adventure yet! Mini Muffin expected January 2021!"

Interestingly, Goldman apparently never considered fatherhood until he tied the knot. He told People magazine that his relationship with Johnna had a major impact on the way he perceived the world: "When I proposed to her, it was just so obvious. I was just like, 'Of course we're getting married.' I never wanted kids and now I'm just like, 'Of course we're going to have kids!'"

These days, the couple is busy with their baby, and Goldman often posts updates about their cute little family. For example, recently, he added a photo of him with his child on Instagram and wrote, "The joy I feel when covered in Josephine's barf is indescribable. No hyperbole."  Meanwhile, Johnna added a photo of her getting some shut-eye with her baby and wrote, "When you both pass out mid burp."