The Two Irish Foods Robert Irvine Says Are 'A Marriage Made In Heaven'

If you need to find the perfect food pairings, no one knows best like Robert Irvine, the chef behind Food Network's Restaurant: Impossible and Dinner: Impossible (via Food Network). On the respective shows, Irvine rescues failing restaurants in two days and takes on the seemingly impossible task of serving big dining parties with limited cooking facilities or ingredients. With experience like this, Irvine knows exactly what food pairings work in a cinch, and which to avoid. 

On a recent Twitter thread, a curious user wanted to know if you could pair bangers with colcannon, prompting Irvine to claim that the two are a "marriage made in heaven." Bangers, a UK slang term for sausages, got their name thanks to the popping sound they make when they accidentally burst open during the cooking process and typically come served with a side of mashed potatoes (via English Breakfast Society). Today, these sausages only get called bangers when paired with mash and have become a true Irish staple (via Welcome to the Table).

The best replacement for mashed potatoes

While you probably find bangers served alongside mashed potatoes, you can really transport your taste buds to the Emerald Isle when you replace traditional mash with colcannon. Colcannon, Ireland's response to mashed potatoes, has you mash your potatoes with cooked leeks and cabbage, making for a rich and creamy side like no other (via Bon Appétit). This evolved take on basic mashed potatoes can be paired with Irish bangers, especially when the bangers get braised in Guinness (via Smells Like Home).

By serving up this classic combo, you churn out a dish that makes any St. Patrick's Day celebration that much more delicious. If you have never tried either of these Irish specialties, you don't know what you're missing out on. With recipes that even a novice home cook can tackle, this pairing provides a delicious and easy way to celebrate the luck 'o the Irish and bring a festive flair to your upcoming meal plans.