More Than One-Third Of People Agree This Is The Best Popcorn Brand

When it comes to snacking, popcorn tends to be one of the best options for you if it is prepared without tons of butter or salt. It is, after all, whole grain and high in fiber (via Heart). But if you prefer popcorn on the more doctored side, with all kinds of toppings slathered on or mixed in, that's okay too, if less healthy.

No matter how you eat your popcorn, one point has been made clear by a recent Mashed survey. A total of 504 Americans responded to the question of which popcorn brand is best. The options included Newman's Own, SkinnyPop, Pop Secret, Act II, Smartfood, Jiffy Pop, Orville Redenbacher's, and an option where people could write in their preference. While many of the brands were neck and neck, one stood out as a clear favorite. Orville Redenbacher's gained 37.50 percent of the vote from 189 people. The others were more closely tied.

These were the runner-up popcorn brands

In second and third places were two brands that were nearly tied. Smartfood received 12.70 percent of the vote from 64 people, while SkinnyPop got 12.10 percent from 61 people. That's only a three vote difference between the two. In fourth place was Pop Secret with 11.90 percent and 60 votes, making it only one vote short of tying for third place. Act II came in fifth place with 10.52 percent of the vote from 53 people, making it the last of the middle place brands.

Newman's Own received 5.56 percent of the vote, which means 28 people voted for it among the 504 responders. The "other" category received 5.36 percent of the vote from about 27 people. Some of the popcorn brands people wrote in that they preferred include Cousin Willie's, generic brands, and Costco's own popcorn brand. Finally, Jiffy Pop came in the very last place with only 4.37 percent of the vote, which totals 22 people who selected it from the list.