Samin Nosrat Dishes On Waffles + Mochi - Exclusive

Fans of Samin Nosrat (chef and the author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) and Former First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama likely already know that both are a part of Netflix's new family-oriented cooking show, Waffles + Mochi. Each episode of the culinary show is filled with recognizable faces, including Mrs. Obama herself who hosts the show, along with respected chefs and celebrities. The first episode features Nosrat teaching her neighbor Mia, Waffles, and Mochi about what makes tomatoes fruits. The eponymous duo, along with their new friend Mia and Nosrat as a guide, roast cherry tomatoes right in Nosrat's community garden (via Netflix).

A year and a half after shoot, according to Nosrat, Mashed sat down with her to talk about the new Netflix show. The chef began our chat by sharing, "I was just a really lucky participant in this magical universe. It was an honor to be invited." As a guest on the show, Nosrat was able to see firsthand just how wonderful Waffles + Mochi is for kids of all ages, quickly becoming a fan herself!

This is why she loves Waffles + Mochi

Though Waffles+Mochi is all about food on the surface, the show embodies so many valuable lessons on an interpersonal level. It's the kindness, love, and understanding that is shown between the characters while they discuss food and work together that made Nosrat fall in love with the show. She said, "a long time ago, food stopped being about food for me, and it became about this way to connect with people and educate and learn about each other. This is just such a special thing." This is exactly what the show does, as Waffles and Mochi travel all over the world together to learn about food and cooking in different cultures.

The show's empathy and inclusivity of so many diverse people with different abilities is also a major reason Nosrat loves the project so much. "For me, also as a Brown kid in this world, I've carried... so many feelings of being an outsider, and from the first moment [it] was so clear that they were prioritizing making sure that everyone felt involved," the writer and chef said.

Waffles+Mochi is very inclusive

The show's innate ability to involve and prioritize everyone was just the beginning. Nosrat went on to say, "I remember the very first moment they sent the project deck, and I just felt like I had entered the world I was always meant to be involved in. I just was like, 'This is what I was always meant to participate in.' This magical place for children about food, it's all about inclusivity and teaching, and it's just so heartwarming and full of joy and curiosity and belonging. It's everything that I care about."

Nosrat continued, sharing, "so Waffles + Mochi on its own, just as an idea for a show, was the most exciting thing I'd ever seen, and then to add the most delicious cherry on top was Mrs. Obama. That part was just this incredible honor and since the moment I first was introduced to her values and her ideas and everything she stands for, especially in food and early childhood education and equity for all children, I have felt fully aligned with that." Though the project was certainly exciting on its own, working with the former first lady meant a lot to Nosrat.

"So then to finally get to be involved in a project of hers just felt like, 'Hallelujah!' So I don't know... honestly, every step of the way this has felt like the biggest honor of my career," Nosrat said. 

You can catch chef and author Samin Nosrat (along with friends Mia, Waffles, Mochi, and Mrs. Obama!) on Waffles+Mochi, streaming now on Netflix.