Survey Reveals Which Taco Bell Secret Menu Item Fans Have Always Wanted To Try

Fast food has a place in our hearts — and our stomachs. Many of these speedy dining establishments have secret menus, offering tantalizing off-the-books creations that almost seem too good to be true. Ranked as America's favorite Mexican restaurant in 2018 (via The Harris Poll), it's no secret that this country loves Taco Bell. In a recent survey conducted by Mashed, we asked respondents which secret menu items from Taco Bell they've always wanted to try, and the results were surprising. 

While several sites suggest the Cheesarito may take the gold as the most popular item (via Spoon University and Insider), only 10.91 percent of 504 respondents said that was the item they most desperately wanted to try. We won't lie to you, scallions, taco sauce, and melted cheese bundled in a soft tortilla does sound amazing, but it's not the star of the show. The Cheesarito tied with The Incredible Hulk (a five-layer burrito with guac instead of nacho cheese), another favorite by Mashed and others alike.

People want to get their hands on Taco Bell's 7-Layer Burrito

The secret menu food that received the most love in the survey was the 7-Layer Burrito, receiving 26.59 percent of votes and claiming the majority. While it was once offered as a regular menu item, this vegetarian burrito is no longer available unless asked for (via Vox). This show stopper is essentially the popular Seven Layer Dip bundled up tight in a tortilla, which seems like a genius idea honestly (via Delish).

Claiming second place with 16.07 percent of votes is the Quesarito, which is actually still available if you order online or from Taco Bell's app (life hack everyone, you're welcome), per Today. Taco Bell loves to play hardball, and even if they took away potato bites, at least they left us the Quesarito. We see you, Taco Bell. 

The Chili Cheese Burrito and Enchirito took third and last, respectively. The once-offered, supremely simple burrito stuffed with (you guessed it) chili and cheese copped 13.1 percent of votes, while the Enchirito — a cross of a burrito and enchiladas — received 7.94 percent. Meanwhile, 14.48 percent of respondents chose "other" as their response.

If you're really missing these items and having a hard time getting any Taco Bell employees to cooperate with you, Thrillist offers up different ways to sneakily order secret menu items without outright asking for them. Excuse us while we live mas!