Sugarfina Has Good News For Vegan Fans

Sugarfina is helping update Easter traditions with a new set of products. But before delving into the tasty new gummies it has released, it's worth knowing where the tradition of giving candy during this spring holiday even started.

According to Britannica, the earliest record of Easter celebrations or observances can be traced back to the second century. While the origins of this holiday have a deep religious significance for many, much has changed since then. Abdallah Candies cites that the introduction of the Easter bunny to the United States was thanks in part to German immigrants who came over. Much like kids do with Santa, children would leave a little snack for the Easter bunny in hopes of receiving a small treat (sometimes candy). 

But, as times continue to change, so do people's food preferences. A VegNews report cites how veganism has experienced a steady rise in popularity over the last few years as more and more people have chosen to live a more plant-based lifestyle. So, what does this mean for the Easter bunny? Well, it's looking like the bunny will soon have to start laying more plant-based candies, but thankfully, Sugarfina is here to help.

Sugarfina is now offering a fully vegan candy box for Easter and beyond

In a press release sent to Mashed, the company revealed that it has created its first-ever fully vegan Candy Bento Box. Sugarfina details on its website that its cheeky pineapple-shaped Candy Bento Box will include three vegan candies neatly placed inside. Fans of the company and those looking to satisfy their candy cravings with a plant-based candy will get to munch on Sugarfina's fan-favorite Island Pineapple candies along with newcomers Magic Mangos and Summer Strawberries candies. 

Per the press release, each of the candies was made with pectin (a compound that comes from fruits, according to Food Network) and not gelatin (which is an animal byproduct, per PETA). The website also details how each candy was made using real pineapple, mango, and strawberry purée, and will also be fat free. So, how much will you need to dish out for all the Easter candy goodness? Sugarfina's Candy Bento Box will set you back a cool $30.