Here's How Much Panda Express Employees Really Make

How much do Panda Express employees really make? Fast food is just hard to beat when you're in need of comfort food. Brands like Panda Express are particularly aware of that, and do their best to keep customers coming back for more. As per Panda Express, its core mission is to help people come together under the same roof and share happy, unforgettable moments with their loved ones. Plus, the brand takes its employees as seriously as its customers and focuses on cultivating a vibrant space where people can grow and evolve professionally. 

Panda Express offers plenty of benefits to its staff members such as health insurance, paid time off, bonuses, scholarships, and more. As the brand states, "We believe in a 'whole person' approach to health, which entails physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our comprehensive benefits ensure that you'll thrive in every aspect of your life."

Here's an important question: what do Panda Express employees think about working for the brand? And how much do they make? Here's a glimpse.

It's a promising setup

According to professionals who've worked for Panda Express, the overall scenario is positive with room to grow. As a current employee wrote on Glassdoor, "Love it. Everyone [is] friendly. Worked at multiple [Panda Express] outlets and it's a great environment with good pay." Another current team member wrote that they're happy with the pay package and think that Panda Express is the best employer they've had so far in their career. "Compensation is very generous," they shared. "I am encouraged to grow myself at work and at home. I am supported and challenged daily."

In terms of pay packages, things are good overall at the company. According to Indeed, 68 percent of the employees at Panda Express are satisfied with their salaries. While cooks get paid around $13.59 hourly, kitchen team members make $12.73 every hour. Cashiers can expect $11.50 every hour and customer service associates are paid $14.13. Meanwhile, restaurant managers are paid $18.72 per hour. Pretty encouraging numbers, right?