Trader Joe's Fans Are Excited About Its Spicy New Oven-Baked Cheese Bites

Trader Joe's is known for their tasty and unique treats. They always have a wide variety of satisfying snacks that can't be found anywhere else, and they are continuing their tradition of snack perfection this week with the release of their new oven-baked cheese bites with tomato and chili. These light, spicy snacks are imported from Italy, made with semi-aged cheese, and seasoned with tomatoes and chili powder, packing delectable, tangy flavor into each crunchy bite.

The popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist couldn't help but share their excitement over the new find with their followers, posting, "I didn't know these were missing from my life until now. I cannot wait to try these. Both the original flavor and truffle are delish, so I am sure these will not disappoint! I like to use these either as a snack or added crunch for my salads. How do you like to enjoy these?" 

One follower replied, "Picked them up tonight! They sound amazing." 

Another joked, "OMG I hate salads, but now I suddenly am craving one with these on top."

Trader Joe's fans couldn't wait to try these new spicy, cheesy bites

These tomato and chili cheese bites join Trader Joe's other popular oven-baked offerings, like their tasty oven-baked cheese bites with black summer truffle. The truffle flavor, which is made with bits of black truffle and semi-aged Italian cheese (via Trader Joe's), has quite a few fans already, and many of them were excited to see the new expanded offerings. "I am addicted to the truffle ones, so needless to say, I am super excited to find and try these," one user commented

"I hope my TJs get these. The truffle ones are delicious," another agreed.

Each bag of the tomato and chili cheese bites contains only 170 calories, 13 grams of protein, and 2 grams of carbs per serving, making them the perfect option to grab when you just want a light snack. Not only are they a flavorful, crispy, and airy snack, they are also gluten- free, making them the perfect addition for just about any cupboard. So the next time you are in your local Trader Joe's, don't forget to grab a bag of these tasty bites to add to your snack collection.