56% Of People Think This The Best Way To Cook A Pizza

The world needs pizza because it's one of the best dishes to have ever existed. Right? When you're digging into pizza, there's so much to look forward to: dollops of cheese, a variety of toppings, meat, bread, and a major explosion of flavors in your mouth. Perfection. 

On the flip side, pizza isn't exactly considered a health food, so you may not be turning to pizza often, especially if you're ordering in or dining at a restaurant. What's the way out? Homemade pizza, of course! You can control the amount of calories if you decide to cook pizza on your own and you even get a chance to experiment with different styles to find out which one appeals to you the most.

You can cook pizza several ways at home, including on a pan, in an oven, or on the grill. Which method is the most preferable, though? We conducted a Mashed survey to find out which pizza cooking method reigns supreme. Keep reading for more details.

Dedicated pizza ovens are a popular choice

The survey included 504 participants across the United States. Respondents could choose between making pizza on a cast iron pan or on a grill. They could also opt for options like pizza stones, ovens, and more. Well, an overwhelming number of respondents chose to go with dedicated pizza ovens (56.15 percent). The next most popular option was a pizza stone at 34.13 percent followed by cast iron pans (4.37 percent), the grill (3.57 percent), and the "other" option (1.79 percent).

As far as "other" responses went, respondents had a few fancy favorites, including just being more specific about what kind of dedicated pizza oven they preferred, like wood-fired ovens or brick ovens. As per The Kitchn, when you're trying to nail the perfect pizza at home, you should keep a few more things in mind. Work on making your pizza dough from scratch, try not to overcomplicate things by sticking to a short list of ingredients and toppings, and experiment with heat. If you go a little higher in terms of heat, you'll be rewarded with pizza that is crunchy and simply irresistible. Can't hurt to try, yes?