This Nigella Lawson Trick Makes For Light And Fluffy Gnocchi

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is definitely a star in more ways than one. As illustrated by The Recipe, one of the things that makes Lawson so lovable and relatable to viewers is the fact she hasn't received professional training and has taught herself how to excel in the kitchen. Plus, it helps that she has decades of experience, from starring in multiple cooking shows (since 1999, according to The Recipe) and publishing her fair share of cookbooks.

Some of her cooking tips are incredibly useful and can make your life a lot easier. As per Yummy, Lawson believes that nailing the perfect pasta doesn't require complex thinking — all you need to do is focus on keeping things simple. "I learned to cook the Italian way, and what revolutionized my cooking is this: They don't go for tricks; it's always about simplicity that is based on having utter respect for the ingredients," she said.

If you're a fan of Italian dishes, Lawson has plenty of useful tips for you. Most recently, she offered a few tidbits of advice when it comes to making gnocchi.

Lawson recommends doing something different with the potatoes

Recently, Nigella Lawson tweeted about preparing gnocchi pasta at home. She wrote that while she's not a fan of eating gnocchi that come from a packet, she has experimented and found good results by frying or roasting gnocchi. The most redeeming ingredient? Potatoes, of course.

A fan asked Lawson whether she has a gnocchi recipe for those who're looking to prepare the dish from scratch at home. She wrote, "I don't, I'm afraid. But when I have made them, I prefer to bake the potatoes for them rather than boil them, as the drier the mixture the less flour you need, and the lighter they'll be." That sounds like wise advice, huh? 

By the way, the chef has a handy gnocchi gratin recipe if you're hoping to prepare a delicious side dish that's gnocchi-inspired at the very least. This is sure to make your dinner extra special if you're looking to spice up your everyday pasta dish.