The Extreme Way Some Hikers Are Roasting Hot Dogs

Many people agree that hot dogs are the best — but when it comes to what particular type of hot dog is the greatest, the knives are out and stay out. There are many opinions about hot dogs you should and shouldn't buy, and about what's the best hot dog joint in every state. There are all sorts of weird types of hot dog from around the world that might seem strange to you but are probably the absolute favorite meal of someone out there. Even the deceptively difficult act of cooking a hot dog has many potential mistakes, and you can rest assured that your neighborhood's self-appointed barbecue expert is just waiting for the chance to point out the ones they feel you're making. 

Knowing all this, it's very easy to assume that very little about hot dogs is objective — that is, up until now. Thanks to some fearless outdoors personalities, the most hardcore way to cook a hot dog has finally been determined. Let's take a look at the extreme way some hikers are roasting hot dogs.

Some hikers are roasting hot dogs in lava

Volcanoes rarely bring good news, but for some hikers, this dangerous natural phenomenon actually provides them with a nice lunch. Per Food & Winethe ongoing eruption of a volcano by Iceland's Mount Fagradalsfjall has drawn the attention of many locals — and, perhaps inevitably, some of them brought hot dogs. And so it came to be that a group of happy Icelanders had a tasty meal of hot dogs, roasting the dogs to perfection on the black crust of still-hot lava while an active volcano erupted nearby. Luckily, this particular eruption is nothing like the Laki eruption of 1783, which lasted for eight months, and at its worst moments spewed an estimated 2,000-feet high fountain of fire (via Bulletin of Volcanology). Apart from the obvious hazard this would have presented to the hikers, it would surely have overcooked the hot dogs. 

If the Icelandic lava hot dog isn't impressive enough, the Twitter account @jonnytickle recently posted footage of some Russian hikers, who straight-up climbed the 15,584-foot Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano in eastern Russia (via Britannica) and treated themselves to a skillet full of lava-cooked hot dogs (via Twitter). Let's see your neighbor's new high-end kamado top that.