Aldi Shoppers Can't Decide Which Of These Dressing Flavors Is Best

Finding the right salad dressing can prove more difficult than we ever imagine. According to the Association for Dressings and Sauces, a salad dressing can consist of over 35 ingredients and over the years, have expanded to include dozens of subcategories of styles. Finding our favorite feels as personal as having a favorite color or a pair of shoes, and sorting through new varieties can make anyone's head spin. 

Luckily, Aldi has a solution to help streamline our salad dressing quandaries. According to Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds, we can now grab our new favorite dressings at this grocery store. In a recent post, @aldifavoritefinds published a picture of three new Tuscan Garden dressings with the caption, "Assorted dressing flavors $1.49! Which will you be trying? White Balsamic Peach Vinegrette, Strawberry Poppyseed, or Poppyseed?" The post has received over 1,500 likes so far, and followers have poured in by the droves to argue over which dressing reigns supreme.

A battle for the best Aldi salad dressing

Users can't decide which dressing tastes the best. A lot of followers love the peach dressing claiming, "The white balsamic peach is the best, I stock up every year and buy a few bottles. Not only is it great on salad but it's AMAZING as a marinade for steak! You're welcome," and "Tried the peach last night and it's delicious! Tastes like summer." Others don't feel as strongly towards the peach, recommending the poppyseed variety, backing up their feelings with comments like, "The Poppyseed is better than refrigerated Marietta at $4.99 a bottle" and "Yes to the Poppyseed dressing!" A vocal few recommended the strawberry dressing, saying, "Strawberry looks perfect for the knockoff panera salad I make lol" and "That strawberry poppyseed is soooooo good."

In order to decide which dressing fits your lifestyle, make sure to give all three a shot next time you visit your local Aldi. With flavors like these, it's hard to not get excited for a few salads entering your weekly meal plan. Give each dressing a try and get inspired to create your next culinary masterpiece using the fresh, tangy flavors found in each bottle.