These Are Barack Obama's Three Best Dishes, According To Michelle

You may not expect it, but U.S. presidents have a long history of cooking. According to Politico, a wide variety of American heads of state have shown off their fondness for barbecue, and grillers regarded President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a good authority when it came to cooking steak (via Cook's Info). It comes as no surprise that the cooking prowess of our nation's leaders carries forward, and Barack Obama proved no exception. 

With the launch of Netflix's Waffles + Mochi, everyone can now witness Michelle Obama's kitchen skills in action, but fewer of us have heard about her husband's cooking ability. According to E Online, the former president mastered three recipes by the time he and Michelle married — a one-of-a-kind chili, stir fry, and omelet. "He came cooking [...] he had sort of his wheelhouse. He stayed in that late, but he could cook," Michelle said. Michelle Obama helped supplement these standards for a variety of other meals and helped round out the household's weekly menu by the time Malia and Sasha Obama came around. The interest in cooking and healthy eating continued to mount in the Obama household over time, and eventually helped spark Mrs. Obama's nationwide actions to promote clean eating (via Let's Move).

A master of presidential chili

Many people could argue that the former president's chili stands out best from his three-recipe repertoire. According to The American Moms, Obama's secret Chicago chili recipe doesn't have a typical soupy texture, unusually uses turmeric as a spice, and even gets served over rice! Some might take offense to the dish, as the recipe doesn't use salt and calls for basil as a flavoring, and some haters have deemed the chili too bland (via Serious Eats). Regardless of its quality, the recipe has become a favorite in the Obama family and has brought the household together on more than one occasion (via Parade).

If you have searched high and low for some cooking inspiration, Barrack Obama's classic wheelhouse of chili, omelets, and stir frys can get you cooking over the week. If those standards don't spark the imagination, an episode of Waffles + Mochi just might do the trick. While we have access to Mr. Obama's chili recipe, the word's still out on when we can see what goes into his omelet or stir fry. With any luck, Michelle may spill the beans as she continues promoting healthy foods.